About Adrian Klein


Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Adrian Klein and I am lucky to call the Pacific Northwest home. Born and raised in Oregon, I live within a 100 miles of the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood Wilderness and the high desert of Oregon. My love of nature has nurtured my love of photography. I have spent over a decade fine tuning my photography skills and building a connection to nature that allowed me to create the photos you see on this website. My experiences and contributions are many including; working as a portrait and wedding photographer, contributing member of Professional Photographers of Oregon board of directors 2007-2009, landscape workshop leader, active team member of Photo Cascadia, and building alliances with a number of companies.

This is an older video produced by f-stop yet gives a good intro about me relating to what I love about nature photography and the outdoors.


Over the years I have been interviewed in articles and podcasts along with writing articles for other media outlets and partners. Here are links to some of them.


The following companies and teams I have been fortunate to collaborate with and receive support over the years. I am not an influencer supporting any brand that shows up at my doorstep. I only support products and services that I truly use and believe are also of value to others in photography.

Team Photo Cascadia
f-stop Gear Company
Alliance for Responsible Photography

High Quality Camera Filters


I have been fortunate enough to work with many different clients from larger publishers to small companies as well as receiving awards along the way and selected for juried shows. This is a sampling and not an exhaustive list.

- International Landscape Photographer of the Year, Top 101 (2017)
- Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition (Smithsonian 2016/17)
- Siena International Photo Awards Finalist (2017)

- Wilderness Act 50th Anniversary Exhibition (Smithsonian 2014)
- Art Wolfe International
Conservation Photo Awards - 2nd Place Landscape (2008)
- Professional Photographers of Oregon - Best Illustrative Aggregate Score (2009)

- Professional Photographers of America Loan Collection (2008)
- Professional Photographers of Oregon - Best Black & White (2006)
- Professional Photographers of Oregon - Best Color (2006)
Professional Photographers of Oregon - Best Illustrative (2006)
- Kodak Gallery Award Commercial/Illustrative (2006)

- Photo Cascadia 'Atmosphere' show sponsored by HD Aluminum Prints

  • Hanson Howard Gallery - Ashland, Oregon (2017)
  • Frame Gallery - Hood River, Oregon (2018)
  • University of Oregon Knight Law Center (2018)

- Frame Gallery - Hood River, Oregon (2018)
- University of Oregon Knight Law Center (2019)

- Center For Fine Art Photography Juried Exhibits (2010)


- Mega Puzzles
- PhotoPlus
- Ceaco
- Outdoor Photographer
- Explorer Media Group
- Timber Press
- Fix Studio


My photography is digital using Canon camera equipment, mainly the R5 body with L series lenses. I use a limited number of filters, mostly from Breakthrough Filters. My tripods and ballheads are from Colorado Tripod Company, Innorel, and Leofoto. My camera bags are from f-stop gear. I don't think the gear makes the photographer yet "what camera do you use" is still a question I get which is why I note it here.