Photography Equipment and Software

At workshops and other photography events I am often asked about the equipment and software I use. I created this page specifically for my customers and workshops participants. This page lists some of the key products I use beyond the industry standards of Adobe products Photoshop and Lightroom. As I always say if what you have today works to your liking and is getting the results you are after, then don't get new "stuff" just for the sake of getting new things. Yet if you are looking for new products or regular viewing inspiration then one or more of these might be just what you are looking for. If you have follow-up questions don't hesitate to reach out.


  • Fstop Gear: Please contact me directly for a one-time use discount code of 15%.
  • Lens Skirt: Great for photographing through windows when needed.


  • DxO: I only use the PureRaw product for noise reduction.
  • Topaz Labs: Primarily use GigaPixel and DeNoise when needed. IMO you don't need DxO PureRaw and Topaz DeNoise.
  • Tony Kyper Panels: Great for luminosity masks and other short cuts in Photoshop
  • Sean Bagshaw: Tutorials for using TK panels along with other processing techniques.
  • Photo Mechanic: Use for downloading and culling through photos
  • Backblaze: Cloud storage for backup with unlimited data offering
  • PhotoPills: Location planning and more importantly location inventory for future reference.

LightRoom denoise as of spring 2023 can do a great job removing noise. For me DxO PureRaw and Topaz Denoise are still helpful for the times I forget to remove noise initially in LR or any noise introduced during processing.


  • NPN Nature Vision: Use code ADRIANK10 for 10% off of this quarterly digital magazine. I also highly recommend the Nature Photographers Network (NPN) online community membership. It was very valuable in my early days of photography and is how Photo Cascadia was formed.
  • OnLandscape: Monthly high quality digital mag out of the UK.
  • Elements: While I don't currently subscribe I have viewed an issue and it's very well done.

*For full transparency a few of these links include an affiliate code where I may receive a small referral fee or product credit in return for your purchase. It's appreciated when you use these links. It's worth noting that regardless of any affiliate or ambassador payment I receive I will only suggest products that I use myself and believe they are worth purchasing for others to use. Basically I am not a influencer and any referral payment program is not part of my decision when using a product.