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August 4, 2022: Photo Cascadia Washington Book - PetaPixel Article

Photo Cascadia Washington Book - PetaPixel Article

Myself and the rest of the Photo Cascadia team, along with Timber Press, have been working on a beautiful photography book covering the state of Washington. It will be released in October 2022 yet is available for pre-order now. Media coverage is already taking hold with this recent article from PetaPixel on this book. With the continued success of the Oregon book we can't wait for the Washington version to be released!

July 8, 2022: Workshop Business Announcement

Workshop Business Announcement

My long time friend and fellow Photo Cascadia team member, David Cobb, is transitioning out of the workshop business. The timing works out well for me and David has agreed for me to take over his Best of the Northwest Photography workshop business! I am truly thrilled for this new chapter in my life. More details can be found on my workshops page

June 16, 2022: We Talk Photo - Podcast Interview

We Talk Photo - Podcast Interview

John Pedersen and Jack Graham invited me to chat on their photography podcast We Talk Photo. It was a casual conversation covering a number of topics. I have interacted with John for many years now, going back to the heyday of Flickr and NPN 1.0. Feel free to give it a listen here

February 10, 2022: Collaboration With Portland Puzzle Company

Collaboration With Portland Puzzle Company

As an artist that licenses my work for use to different types of businesses it's a welcome surprise to be working with a company that is not only local to the city I live in but also in the same neighborhood! Portland Puzzle Company specializes in not shockingly... puzzles. They have licensed a couple of my photos available for purchase from their website. You might also run across them at retail locations. 

Both "Ocean Flowers" from the Oregon Coast and "Hidden Entry" from Kauai, Hawaii were chosen. 

December 7, 2021: 2022 Available Workshops

2022 Available Workshops

In 2022 I am excited to be co-leading a handful of photography workshops with David Cobb. The locations for these workshops include Mendocino Headlands, Palouse Hills, Wallowa Country, The Sawtooths, and Southern Oregon Coast. Two are filled already and three others have 4 or less spots left. They will almost surely fill up yet you can always be added to the waitlist. For more details please 2022 David Cobb Workshops

December 1, 2021: New Website

New Website

After over a decade of using different premade template sites for my photography business I decided it was time to move to something more professional. Jack at Widerange Galleries did an excellent job. I am very happy with the new website, which is a lot more than I could say with past sites, no matter how much work I put into them. Please peruse the new site, if you haven't already, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you for stopping by. 

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