Workshop Testimonials

Workshop Participants at Sunset

Below is a list of some unsolicited participant testimonials provided as general feedback from past workshops I have co-led or individually. If there is any doubt about signing up hopefully this will remove any hesitation. I look forward to seeing you on one in the future!

Kristar (Oregon): I had a great time at the Bandon workshop. Thank you for all the work and planning you did to make it such an enjoyable experience! I’ll definitely keep future workshop opportunities in mind.

Marcy (California): Your leadership on our private workshop exceeded our expectations. You knew just where to take us, and when, to capture those rare moments of sunshine, moody forests, and iconic images. Your suggestions on compositions and techniques helped us memorialize what we saw in each environment and spurred us on to see the less obvious subjects everywhere we went. Some of my favorite shots are subjects I may not have photographed without your encouragement. Plus you're a nice guy and we enjoyed your company!

Kelley (Oregon): Producing Prints Workshop at HD Aluminum Prints with Zack Schnepf and Adrian Klein from Photo Cascadia, highly recommend this class! I have so much more confidence I can get my work to print as envisioned.

Ron (Seattle, WA): Looking forward to another workshop with you in the near future!! Had a wonderful time with you and David at the last one. You both are awesome photographers and teachers! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me.

Matt (Portland, OR): The workshop was great, and I learned so much. It was really a joy to meet everyone and learn from you all. Thanks to the more experienced guys for your help. Can't say enough about how good it was. I hope to do another workshop... maybe I will see some of you there or elsewhere in the beautiful NW. Thanks again Kevin and Adrian. You guys are inspiring and the trip was really fun. A fantastic experience.

Richard (Seattle, WA): For anyone reading these comments - if you get a chance to take a workshop from Adrian and Kevin (or either one individually) - you should! It was a great group, and Kevin and Adrian really expand your perspective and are great photographers!

David (Eugene, OR): Adrian it was a super fun day. I thought you presented your ideas about the landscape and various ways to present it photographically very well. Thank you for offering and showing us your ideas on seascapes.

Miles (Portland, OR): "To be immersed in photography with two Masters of the craft for 4 days is an experience worth FAR more than the extremely reasonable fee I paid to go on the Workshop. I had limitless questions, and each one was answered... carefully, thoughtfully, and enthusiastically.....Probably the best compliment I could pay you is that I came home and immediately signed up for the Oregon Coast Workshop you are running in a few months."

Anne (Birmingham, AL): I'm back from beautiful Oregon. I had an amazing time shooting the Columbia River Gorge with Adrian Klein and Kevin McNeal. They do an awesome job with their workshop!

Holly (Iowa): Hi Adrian, Thanks SO much for our 4 am shoot at Sparks Lake! I really learned a lot....about my camera, and how to shoot landscapes! I appreciate all the tips for shooting! Thank you again for all the things you taught us. A very effective workshop at the lake! I'll be following your blog and your work!

Stephanie (Florence, OR): Thanks for a wonderful weekend! I learned so much and I hope I can do another workshop soon. You are both so warm and friendly that I felt immediately welcome when I arrived at the house on Friday. I was intimidated about shooting with such experienced photographers and worried that everything would be way above my scope of knowledge. I thought my "entry-level" DSLR and lack of lenses and equipment would be a major hindrance, but that wasn't the case. I came away from the workshop realizing that, yes, having an expensive camera might be nice, but that I could still get wonderful shots from what I had.

Vivenne (San Franciso, CA): We really enjoyed the weekend...despite the weather! I know I certainly learned a lot...especially all the challenges in shooting seascapes. The composition critique was also helpful.

Jason (Alberta CA): Hi Adrian and Kevin, thanks for the great tour/workshop on the weekend. Thought you guys did a good job even though the weather wasnt on our side. Looking forward to doing another sometime next year. Thanks again!

Bob & Jorja (Virginia): We have done a fair amount of workshops and photo touring. We would place your Workshop on the Oregon Coast right there at the top. The photo tips were great and the locations well chosen. The relaxed way the two of you approached this very serious business of photographing Mother Nature spread to the entire group. It was very clear that everyone had a great time. The additional private time we spent with Adrian was equally rewarding and valuable. You are certainly on our list for more. Should the occasion present itself, we will recommend you to the members of the photo societies we belong to as well as other photographers we know. Thanks for a great time, Bob and Jorja

Don & Janice (Reno, NV): Dear Adrian, On behalf of Janice and myself, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and to express our appreciation for the recent field-trip we made with you in central Oregon. It exceeded our expectation by far! It was non-stop learning. In fact, starting by helping us evaluate our former photographic efforts when we met the evening before the trip began was shear genius. And since you weren't even on the clock, so to speak, that speaks volumes about your willingness to go the extra mile and then some. I will say you went far more than the extra mile with us. Although we consider ourselves somewhere in the serious advanced-amateur range, we learned tons about our cameras, lighting, composition, and many other aspects of photography such as equipment, accessories, post-production (photoshop) and such from you. And the fact that you shoot with Canon equipment didn't effect your ability to work with us and our Nikon D90s one bit, which is exactly what you said. I would encourage anyone contemplating a personal photography field-tip/seminar to look no further. I look forward to doing another field trip with you very soon.

Dene (Seattle, WA): I was not sure what to expect from workshop so was a little apprehensive going in. Let me just tell you that Adrian and Kevin's workshop exceeded my expectations immensely. One of the things I learned was to see a familiar area through a different eye. They taught composition, a lot about technical settings and beyond. Both in the classroom and out in the field, the workshop was run very professionally while still having fun (which is what i'm all about). I felt that all of my questions were answered very thoroughly and was very comfortable asking questions when I had them. It was truly one of the best weekends I have ever had and I would highly recommend their workshops to anyone both beginner to advanced.

Jason (San Bruno, CA): Thanks Adrian for a great workshop. Like I said, this was my first workshop so I have nothing to compare it to, but can't imagine it could get any better than what we had last weekend. The idea's and thoughts from you and Kevin will certainly help me in advancing my skills in photography, not to mention all the sweet Columbia Gorge location info we have now! Thanks again, and looking forward to the next Adrian/Kevin workshop in the future.

Linda (NW Washington): Thank you again for such a great trip to the Palouse. I can't believe it's been over a week now, since we've been back. It was just terrific. I feel like I learned a tremendous amount from you and Kevin. Great teachers, great information, and even better photographers! It was my pleasure to be a part of it and I look forward to doing some more trips with you.