Prints For Sale - Special Deals

Over the years of doing shows off and on with my work, I have accumulated more print inventory than I want to keep around my home office anymore. More accurately it's spilling into the hall outside of my office and into another store room. Time for these prints to go to a new home, one where they can be enjoyed rather than sitting taped up in a box.

I am offering them at hugely reduced prices from work that is available to order on my site. In most cases 50% off, or more! I will do my best to keep this page current with SOLD under the photo if it was purchased. If you see something listed here and you are interested please contact me directly, and please include your zip code for shipping estimate. There is no built in shopping cart for these one-off exclusive deals.

You can read more about the types of prints I offer on this page. All pieces listed below are ready to hang! Unlike other print orders on my site where the photo will typically ship directly from a lab, if you are not local to Portland, Oregon for pick up or delivery, I will need to charge shipping and handle which will be quoted based on print size, quantity, and shipping location. Thank you in advance for your patience if you don't hear back right away as sometimes I am away from the office.

Wilderness Silence

Mount Adams glows and reflects during late summer, early fall sunset in the high backcountry along a nameless lake.

16x24 Metal Float Mount - ready to hang $200 (regular price $420)

Bursting With Life

Balsamroot in full bloom at sunrise in springtime along the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

24x36 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - $285 (normal price $570) / 30x45 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - $475 (normal price $980)... both are ready to hang

24x36 Canvas SOLD

Napali Coast Orange

The sun glows intensely through the ocean air and clouds along the rugged Napali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii.

24x36 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - $285 (normal price $570)


Falling Into Winter

The Poplar Trees at Boardman Tree Farm have lost their leaves as fall turns into winter. Boardman, Oregon. This was taken during the last fall this farm was around before all trees were cut for the last time.

24x36 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - $285 (normal price $570)

Summer Haven

Mt Jefferson reflects in the wildflower shores of Russell Lake in Jefferson Park Wilderness, Oregon.

20x30 Metal Float Mount - $250 (normal price $560)

Golden Light

Larches turned gold in fall along the lakes The Enchantments in Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington.

16x24 Metal Float Mount - ready to hang $200 (regular price $420)

Painted Sunset

The Painted Hills National Monument comes alive at sunset during winter in Oregon.

16x24 Metal Float Mount - $210 (regular price $420)/ 24x36 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - $285 (regular price $570)

16x24 Metal SOLD

Dramatic sunrise on the south shore of Kauai island in Hawaii as water flows over rocks with a blue and yellow sky. Aqua blue water waves crash ashore.

Kauai sunrise while out and about. That is one thing nice about the south shore you get sunrises and sunsets which means it's easier to get skies transitioning from golden warm to cool blue like this one.

20x30 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - $240 (regular price $490)

Glowing Cauldron

Hiking at Mount Saint Helens at sunrise in early summer. This time of year can be a wildflower treat with Indian paintbrush and primrose carpeting the ground.

20x30 Metal Float Mount - $280 (regular price $560)


Pebble Waves

Sunset light along the North Oregon Coast lights up a beach that rarely sees visitors with the only way to get there is by boat.

16x24 Metal Float Mount - $200 (regular price $420)

Star Shores

A lone starfish soaking up the last of the sun along the Oregon Coast.

24x36 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - $280 (regular price $570)

The Hills are Alive

The Columbia Hills in Washington area of the Columbia River Gorge is covered in spring wild flowers.

20x30 Metal Float Mount - $280 (regular price $560)


Dramatic sunset of Haystack Rock on the Oregon coast with reflections on the beach. This seascape photo feels like a dream with large puffy clouds.

As a photographer we hope for skies like this, in fact, we sometimes dream of it. At Cannon Beach, OR the dream came alive this time around. View of Haystack Rock at sunset.

16x24 Metal Float Mount - $200 (regular price $420)

Palouse Falls Sunrise

The sky lights up at sunrise over Palouse Falls in SE Washington state.

24x36 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - $285 (regular price $570)



Sunrays penetrate the dense fog over Metlako Falls in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. This view no longer exists. A wildfire in 2017 severely burned the area along with a landslide with this viewpoint falling into the canyon below.

16x24 Metal Fount Mount - $200 (regular price $420)

The sun sets along the South Shore of Kauai as the waves roll in over the rocky shore on this Hawaiian Island.

Vibrant sunset on the South Shore of Kauai in Poipu on the Hawaiian Islands.

20x30 Mounted and Framed Paper Print ready to hang (no matte) - $225 (regular price $500) - Not available to ship since it's framed with glass. Local pick up only.