Photography Presentations

As an experienced workshop leader one part of most workshops is presentations. Over time I have branched out to offer some of them to camera clubs as well as presenting at conferences. If you have a small group, camera club, or business that is interested in a photography presentation feel free to reach out and we can discuss more.

Here are a few examples of presentations I have and offer at this time. Feel free to inquire if you are looking for something else as I might have other options.

Fast Photography

While there is a lot discussed these days around slowing down and being more mindful in photography (which I agree with) there are also plenty of benefits to being agile in both mind and body that will help photographers from missing amazing opportunities in the field. I will share my experiences where I needed to be quick with my feet or mind to take a photograph before the moment passed. This includes suggestions on how photographers can best be prepared for their own outings.

In Search of the Hidden

Finding compositions that work isn’t always easy, especially when trying to discover the smaller or more abstract scenes from the larger view we are taking in. I will share many examples where I found the photo I was most interested in that might not be apparent at first look due to “noise” from the larger surrounding. Through the photos, stories, and tips I share, photographers will have a glimpse into how I work to find these scenes, which can help them discover what they are interested in when out photographing.