Portfolio Review

As photographers sometimes we hit a point that getting meaningful feedback from another photographer can help improve existing photos and provide worthwhile elements to consider when creating future photos in the field. Whether you are newer to photography or more seasoned this might be just what is needed to reignite your passion and get you looking at your work in a different way.

I have experience providing feedback in a variety of settings from in person workshops to virtual conferences and received feedback over the years how helpful this can be. That is why I made the decision to add this as an option on my website. Not everyone can attend a workshop or conference, plus this gives more in depth and individualized time that isn't always found in a group setting. This service is provided a couple different ways in order for you to determine what will work best.

Either option you choose will be $150 USD, which will be paid upon signing up. The following options are available and can be worked through after purchasing this service.

Written Feedback

You provide up to 15 photos and I will provide a write up on each one relating to what I feel is working in the photo as well as where it might be able to be improved. Where applicable I may include a modified version of a photo to illustrate suggested changes. If you are someone that prefers to consume feedback in written form or doesn't like doing video calls this is likely the option for you.

Video Feedback

You provide 15 to 20 photos that we will review during a video call. The reason for the range of photos is that sometimes we can get through more photos during a one hour session in video and I want to allow for this option. Time spent on each photo can vary quite a bit and I want to be flexible so we can maximize the time together to benefit you the best. The session can also be recorded upon request in case you would like to review it later on.

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I ask that photos for a video portfolio review session are sent to me a minimum of 72 hours in advance of us meeting, if that is the option that is selected. Please note that I will respond to these orders as quick as I can so we can determine a date that works for both of us. At times I might be out in the field away from email so I appreciate your patience with my response in those situations. If you have questions about this service don't hesitate to contact me.