Best Of The Rest Workshops and Tours

Here you can find all the workshops and tours that are not part of the Best of the Northwest Photography Workshops. Often they will be outside the Pacific Northwest region, or as an in person / online presentation or class related program.

The Great Plains - Kansas and Nebraska Photo Tour with Adrian Klein and David Cobb: June 3 to 13, 2024 (SOLD OUT)

We plan to photograph the flower-filled prairies, dramatic bluffs, and strange landscapes in the more remote parts of each state. If that isn't enough it also includes we’ll visit some of the abandoned towns from the dust bowl era, crumbling old churches, long-abandoned homesteads, and schoolhouses. Plus given the time of year we anticipate mother nature to throw in an occasional thunderstorm for some excitement and dramatic skies.

One of the locations for the KS NE tour we hope to visit.

Producing Better Prints Workshop - Adrian Klein and Zack Schnepf: 2024 Date Coming Soon!

Based in Vancouver, WA this indoor class session at HD Aluminum print lab will focus on all aspects to produce a fantastic print, including taking home a 20x30 aluminum print from your own work.

Photo Cascadia gallery show of metal prints that were printed by HD Aluminum print lab