Journal (Traveling)

Death Valley - From Tranquility to Wind Swept
July 10, 2023  |  Death Valley National Park, California

It was the usual damp wet February weather at home and I was busily packing for my first photography trip to Death Valley National Park. The plan was to camp which means being more strategic on what I need, and what I don't...

2022 Photography Rewind - The Year of Change

Normally my blog posts looking back at the year are short on text and focused solely on where my photographic adventures went. Strap in if you want to read this years recap as it will be a little longer as I share some personal changes and stories...

Alaska Glacier Ice
September 2022  |  Alaska

Based on a comprehensive survey conducted in 2011, it was documented that Alaska is home to approximately 27,000 glaciers. While that number sounds impressive we know that it's possibly a smaller number only a decade later and that the vast majority of glaciers today are retreating rather than growing...

Week of Nov 19 - Photo of the Week, Agave Plant
November 19, 2023  |  Torrey Pines, California

This was the first time I can recall photographing an agave plant. I was captivated by the beauty of the colorful tips on each leaf along with the subtle pattern of the serrated edges seen on each leaf.