Journal (Composition)

The Rise of AI and Impact to the Future of Photography
March 3, 2023  |  Artificial Intelligence

It's no secret that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. I can hardly read the news without a new article in how it's being used or a company developing new AI programs. We all knew this was coming at some point, that shouldn't be a shock...

Mystery Monday
Anywhere and Everywhere

This will be a blog post that I will continue to update anytime I share a #mysterymonday post in social media. Based on the fun interesting responses to my first Mystery Monday photo I shared, I thought I would give this a try...

Alaska Glacier Ice
September 2022  |  Alaska

Based on a comprehensive survey conducted in 2011, it was documented that Alaska is home to approximately 27,000 glaciers. While that number sounds impressive we know that it's possibly a smaller number only a decade later and that the vast majority of glaciers today are retreating rather than growing...

2021 Photography Rewind
December 18, 2021

Welcome to the first blog post on my new website! Another year has come and gone which means it's time for a rewind looking at some of my favorite photos and experiences of the year. While 2021 did have me stepping back onto to a plane a couple times, most travel continued to be pacific northwest road trips...