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December 25, 2017  •  6 Comments

It's cliche to say another year has flown by so I won't say it... whoops. One thing for sure is that I seem to fall behind on my processing more as each year goes by. I find myself still digging up nuggets of treasure to process from 2016 and prior years. Looking at my work in this post there definitely seems to be a theme of simplification outside of a few photos. By that I mean looking for cleaner more straight forward compositions with fewer elements. It will be interesting to see how this manifests in the future yet I am guessing we will see more because it's the type of work that intrigues  me the most right now.

I also noticed myself taking more photos on my iPhone that I really like. It by no means will replace my mirror-less or DSLR camera systems yet the quality continues to amaze me in the right shooting situations. With this mind I decided for the first time to put a few of my iPhone photos in this post. We all know the saying that the best camera is the camera you have on you at the moment.

Looking back further than 2017 I processed a number of photos from prior years that I never worked on or released before. Although they were photographed before this year I am including some of them here as I consider them new work for the year. 

Lastly, I can say this year was not filled with a tremendous amount of travel outside of close by trips. Some years just work out that way. Outside of one trip the rest of my photography related escapades were all in Oregon and Washington. While I can never travel enough regardless if it's a family trip or photography, or both, this year did show I can still capture new and creative work locally. There are always opportunities if you go out looking. 

I hope you had a fantastic 2017. I appreciate all the support from my family, my peers in the photography community and my customers. Although I would still take photos if I had no one to share them with I must say having the support, social and business pieces are appreciated and rarely taken for granted. Here is to a stellar 2018 wherever it takes your photography or otherwise! 



"Pebble Waves" - Northern Oregon Coast at sunset looking down from a cliff. Not a drone photo even though the vantage point suggests it could be. The lines from the setting sun light along with the clean looking beach drew me in. 

Pebble WavesPebble WavesSunset light along the North Oregon Coast lights up a beach that rarely sees visitors with the only way to get there is by boat.

"Oasis Island" - While photographing the John Dellenback Dunes on the Central Oregon coast we had some spectacular conditions during the workshop I was co-leading with my good friend David Cobb. This is one of a few intriguing shots from the morning. Oasis IslandOasis IslandOne of a few ponds when winter brings plenty of rain. Close-up of a small island. John Dellenback Dunes on the Central Oregon Coast.

"Snow Glow" - On the way to our annual Photo Cascadia meetup David, Kevin and I spotted nice light along the highway going to the Central Oregon Coast. Eventually this scene came up and we took an immediate u-turn to grab it before the light faded on the tree.  Snow GlowSnow GlowTrees covered in a light coating of snow glow bright as the sun shines through. A magical moment of light that didn't last very long. Along a highway in the Oregon Coast Range.

"One Eye" -  The rocky Oregon Coast is a treasure trove of abstracts just waiting to be discovered. 

One EyeOne EyeAlong the Central Oregon coast this beautful sandstone waves and curves in all directions. Shore Acres Park, Oregon.

"Cloud Trance" - I really enjoy scenes like this when I come across them. Isolating a few key elements and nothing more. I could get lost in a cloud day dream with this one. Along the Central Oregon Coast sand dunes. 

Cloud TranceCloud TranceI got lost in a trance staring into the pond filled with clouds from above. Along the Central Oregon Coast.

"Burning Fog" - As the sunrise burns through the fog across the dunes it creates for a short yet magical scene at the Central Oregon Coast dunes.

Burning FogBurning FogFog starts to burn away as the morning sun rises at John Dellenback Dunes on the Central Oregon Coast

"A Dry Minute" - The view from Cape Horn in Washington between two intense downpours. The one you see in the distance included hail. The timing could not have been better. I was here only about 5 minutes before the sky rained down on me again. 

A Dry MinuteA Dry MinuteThere was only a few minutes between heavy rain showers. The view from Cape Horn, Washington looking down the Columbia River.

"Fractured" - This particular rock I had passed before on Bandon beach yet only this time glistening from the rain that had just stopped did it stand out to me. The wide array of colors was intriguing. 

FracturedFracturedA wide array of colors and in one large rough boulder along the Central Oregon Coast.

"Shine On" - Traveling along the highway in Montana shortly before true winter started, I came across this winter feeling scene. The thick frozen fog was burning off quickly from these white encrusted evergreen trees. It was a race to capture this before the light changed. 

Shine OnShine OnThe edge of thick fog hovers over evergreens trapped in a frozen state. Along a highway in Montana.

"Feel The Warmth" - I have grown up going to Sunriver from summer biking to winter snowboarding. I never really thought of this place as one I would seek landscape photos without plenty of man made elements. Yet on this trip near the edge of the resort I passed this scene on bike and came back to capture during the trip when the sunset looked promising. 

Feel The WarmthFeel The WarmthThe sun shines it's very last light of warmth on me during a summer sunset in Central Oregon.


The next four are all from the Alvord Desert from a trip a few years back. For some reason I had a day where I felt like processing variations of cracked or peeling mud which truth be told I like photographing these as they fill my need for abstracts staring at the earth's floor. It's really is fascinating how different the colors, textures and look can be of the desert floor just roaming around to different spots. These are from the same trip. 


CrackleCrackleSometimes starring down to your feet is the best view. The Alvord Desert Playa in Southern Oregon.

"No. 2 Pencil Shavings"

No.2 Pencil ShavingsNo.2 Pencil ShavingsDried up mud on the floor of the Alvord Desert peeling to the point it looks like pencil shavings. Southeastern, Oregon

"Drying Chocolate" 

Drying ChocolateDrying ChocolatePeeling mud looking a little like peels of drying chocolate on the floor of the Alvord Desert in Southeastern Oregon.

"Cracked Leather"

Cracked LeatherCracked LeatherThe floor of the Alvord Desert looking a little like old cracked leather. Southeastern, Oregon

"Spring Curves" - The greens of spring time glow even on a mostly cloudy day in the Columbia River Gorge. 

Spring CurvesSpring CurvesThis forest of trees and spring grass glows green in spring season while the water runs high in the marsh land swirling around there trunks. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

"Sand Bars" - Tide pools making for nice patterns and lines along the North Oregon Coast at sunset while camping. 

Sand BarsSand BarsMany little sand bars pop up at low tide along the Oregon Coast at Cape Lookout State Park.

"Around The Corner" - This year brought the unfortunate devastation to large areas of the Columbia River Gorge from a human caused wildfire. This area is near Triple Falls and based on footage around the falls this area was greatly impacted. I remember this morning vividly. It was a quiet winter morning years ago during the week with almost no one around.  

Around The CornerAround The CornerComing around the corner near Triple Falls I came across this amazing light. Columbia Gorge, Oregon

"Another World" - 2017 brought politic shifts threatening our national lands preserved for future generations to enjoy when none of us will be around. This photo is from Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument which has been recommended to be cut in half. Let's hope this doesn't ultimately happen. I can say exploring this area felt like being another planet. Simply amazing scenery. 

Another WorldAnother WorldThe sunlight beams brightly at sunrise over a remote mountain in Grand Staircase Escalante in Utah. It felt like another world.


Unprompted my daughter got up on the fence and was using it as a seat to see through the view finder at the composition being setup. I let her snap the photo and take others during our outing together. 

My daughters with synchronized hand stands along the beach at sunset under a sliver of a moon during a family camping trip. 

On a bike ride into downtown Portland during sunrise the sky exploded into color all around me. I stopped for a minute to soak it in and snap this photo with my phone. 

After a heavy rain shower rolled through the storm light came out just before sunset against the dark clouds with a lone biker in yellow. It was the kind of light you have to pause for regardless where you are just to stop and enjoy it. 


Russ Bishop(non-registered)
This is an awesome collection, Adrian! Congrats on another successful year. Love the mood in your intimate details and the grand landscapes. Wishing you and your family all the best in 2018! Cheers, Russ
Alan Majchrowicz(non-registered)
Wonderful selection of images, Adrian! I love the patterns in rock and cracked mus. Keep up the good work in 2018!
Richard Wong(non-registered)
Great range of subject here Adrian. I like the abstract quality of these photos.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
Adrian, I love the abstract, or intimate landscape, quality of many of these photographs. Really beautiful collection!
Patricia Davidson(non-registered)
Really gorgeous collection of images Adrian! I loved that your daughter shows interests in photography! Happy New Year to you!
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