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December 27, 2015  •  2 Comments

As I mentioned when I started this blog it wouldn't be one I would post a whole lot to yet when I do make posts they are worthwhile. As the year comes to an end it's always fun to review where I went and photographed.  It was another good year visiting new places and returning to a few spots I have been many times. It was all good times whether with friends or family or solo.

For your viewing pleasure here are some of my favs, at least what I have processed. You will notice a fair number of have people or man made objects in them whether me or someone else. I notice I am definitely gravitating to mixing up my work more with people in them instead of 100% landscape. I think it's a better blend.

Thank you to all those that follow my work, my supportive wife and girls, clients and fellow photographer friends for a great 2015! I am excited for another new year and new adventures. May the new year be all that you are hoping for too!

If you missed there is also a Photo Cascadia best of slideshow yet that only covers a few of my favs for the year since it's a group of us we try to keep it to smaller number to avoid a 10 minute slideshow!


Spring came very early this year as far as snow melting away, warming temps and blooming flowers. Here are some spring time photos from the Columbia River Gorge area. This first one is of an old homestead with moody skies rolling through.

Abandoned But Not DeadAbandoned But Not DeadOld farm home near The Dalles Oregon. It certainly has not been lived in for many years yet feels far from dead still standing tall through the tough Columbia Gorge weather. Fruit tree's bloom with Mount Hood in the background in Hood River Valley. They seem to be cheering for the mountain.

The Blossom CheerThe Blossom CheerThe spring blooms fill the Hood River Valley with the view of majestic Mount Hood during a tranquil sunset.

Here is a more intimate and abstract view of Cabin Creek Falls. Plenty of spray from these tall skinny falls throughout the year, except maybe late summer.

The Long PlungeThe Long PlungeCabin Creek Falls hits rocks at the btoom for a nice cascading look before pooling up and eventually running it's way to the Columbia River. Back to the Gorge again for some lush greens in April and May. Here is Gorton Creek.


Electric GreensElectric GreensSpring runoff from snow melt in The Gorge making it's way to the Columbia River. A wooden bridge blends into natures landscape. Greens glow with electrified feeling right after a rain shower rolled through.

Emerald StaircaseEmerald StaircaseWater flowing on Gorton Creek down Emerald Falls making it's way to the Columbia River of Oregon.


In late May my family and I hit Redwood National Park in our quest to see more an do more outside of Oregon. The kids won't put up a fight to come out of school for a few days to spend time camping. The rhodies were not having a great year but still some nice photos regardless. Here a couple of my favs with fogged in redwood trees.

Through The TreesThrough The TreesHiking in the Redwoods of Nothern California this beautiful and serene scene of fog and tree trunks captivated my attention. Del Norte part of Redwoods National and State Parks. Feeling Like an AntFeeling Like an AntLooking up through the forest canopy of foggy redwood trees feeling like an ant. Lady Bird Johnson Grove of Redwood National Park in California. In early June when the snow was already melting from high country, many weeks earlier than usual, I headed to Eagle Cap Wilderness in Eastern Oregon for a backpack trip with one of my best friends. Although I got quite sick and had to leave early (throwing up on the hike out) it was still a great time. Here is my favorite shot of the trip.

Mountain FlowMountain FlowThe winding curves of a stream flowing into Mirror Lake with Eagle Cap Mountain in the background. Durign the summer snow melt in Eagle Cap Wilderness of Eastern Oregon. The Alps of Oregon. One evening in June I could driving real far yet wanted to get out so I checked out Larch Mountain view at sunset. I liked the dappled light across the forest and Mount Hood.

Rolling Spot LightsRolling Spot LightsThe clouds above me act as rolling spot lights on Mount Hood and the lower forest foothills. Taken from Larch Mountain in Oregon. In late June I went down to a few places not far south from Portland, all the way down to the Central Oregon area. Central Oregon being one of my favorite areas in Oregon to spend time for no good reason and to photograph. The next couple are Abiqua Falls (self portrait) and Butte Creek Falls.

Standing In The WayStanding In The WayA hiker stands at the edge of a small pond of water where Abiqua Falls lands before moving down stream. Abiqua Falls in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. The Green FrameThe Green FrameUpper Butte Creek Falls in the Willamette Valley of Oregon surrounded by lush green foliage during spring season.

In Central Oregon I visited Proxy Falls, Koosah Falls and Scott Lake. Scott Lake had some great light and Koosah was flowing well. Proxy looked a little sad as it was definitely running low on water because of the low snow pack yet I found a comp I liked.

Proxy Cool DownProxy Cool DownProxy Falls provides a cool off sanctuary on a hot summer day. In the Willamette Forest of Oregon.

Koosahing IKoosahing IKoosah Falls on the McKenzie River of Oregon in the Willamette National Forest. The falls flows strong during early summer surrounded by an abundance of green lush foliage and forest. Storm WatchersStorm WatchersTwo people and a dog canoeing on peaceful Scott Lake in Central Oregon as a stormy sky brews above. Weekend AdventuresWeekend AdventuresCanoes on the shore of Scott Lake in Central Oregon as the early summer sun rises from the East. Near Sisters Oregon. In mid-July my good friend and fellow photographer David Cobb and I backpacked into Glacier Peak Wilderness in Washington. I had not been before this trip and it did not disappoint even though every single flower was already fried and every tarn empty. We camped near a trickle of water to pump what we needed. This tent is not our camp site yet I liked the composition walking back to camp at sunset.

Wilderness RoadWilderness RoadTwo trails resembling more of a narrow road than a trail wind their way on a ridge in the Glacier Peak Wilderness of Washington with a climber's home for the night all setup. Golden GatewayGolden GatewayComing over a ridge we were rewarded with Glacier Peak in all her glory bathing in the sunset light. Glacier Peak Wilderness in Washington. In late September it was off to the Canadian Rockies. Another place on my bucket list to visit in fall that I had not yet visited at all. It was all that I expected and more. Here are just a few of my favorites. The photog in the photo is my good friend Chip Phillips. The light was good just about every direction that evening. No EscapeNo EscapeAlong the shore of the iconic Moraine Lake in Banff National Park of Alberta, Canada. Down along the shore was one of few locations you could photograph without other photographers in the photo. Amazing beauty and amazing crowds.

Golden LineGolden LineAspens in full fall season glow along the shore of Wedge Lake in Kananaskis area of Alberta, Canada. Mount Kidd in the background. Multiple ViewsMultiple ViewsMy friend Chip Phillips photographing in the Canadian Rockies during fall. Too many amazing views to pick from. Banff National Park in Canada. Rocky Mountain HighRocky Mountain HighAfter hiking in the dark for about 9 miles and about 2,000 feet we arrived for sunrise. It was a high to see this scene unfold out of the darkness. Near Lake O'Hara in Yoho National Park of Alberta Canada. In mid November it was looking nice one morning (by nice I mean overcast and dreary) and I took this chance to capture a fall image of the under photographed Multnomah Falls. You might have heard of this waterfall before?

Multnomah FallsMultnomah FallsA lone hiker stands under umbrella on a cool damp fall day at Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.

Then in mid-December the Photo Cascadia crew met up in Eastern Oregon for a few days of fun, business and few more clicks of the shutter. We had blue skies, rain and snow. Plus a decent sunrise for photography. All in all a good way to start winding down 2015. The first photo is me standing above Wallowa Lake on a snow flurry morning. The second is of the remote Imnaha Canyon.

Rock On!Rock On!Self portrait standing above Wallowa Lake in Eastern Oregon on a cold winter morning with snow flurries floating through the air.





Beautiful collection, Adrian. An extremely productive year for sure. I especially like the stream photos, excellent color and composition.
Steve Niebrandm(non-registered)
They are all fantastic. Look forward to seeing them framed up and hanging soon.
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